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Which countries does FLYEMPTYLEG.COM support?
Worldwide, subject to known airports, heliports or lake bays being part of the embedded aviation database. If a location is not listed in the database, a registered charter operator or broker can request inclusion of extra locations directly with us.

Why does FLYEMPTYLEG.COM not promote or sell empty leg flights itself or individual seats directly to the public?
We pride ourselves on being an independent and transparent platform supporting all subscribed Charter companies/brokers allowing them to deal directly with a prospective passenger/client thereby building sound relationships and measuring their service delivery/quality directly with the passengers or clients.

Does FLYEMPTYLEG.COM charge a buy-in membership fee to passengers or interested companies in advance?
No, we pride ourselves on providing a free platform to the prospective passenger/client who wishes to search for empty leg flights and thereby being allowed to deal direct with the listed Charter Company or broker to negotiate best prices with a saving of up to 75% off the normal charter price.

Does FLYEMPTYLEG.COM get paid a commission by the registered Charter company/broker?
No, we pride ourselves on remaining independent and transparent thereby giving all subscribed Charter companies and brokers equal benefit to promote their empty leg flights direct to the market.

How does FLYEMPTYLEG.COM generate an income?
For now the service is free but we might in the future charge the Charter company/broker a nominal annual subscription fee allowing them to post unlimited listings of their empty leg flights. In addition, once the prospective customer/passenger clicks on the empty leg flight, a list of the same company’s empty leg flights, their profile, logo and contact details are then displayed on one page. We will also sell this website to an interested party in the future where he/she/they can determine what they wish to do with the website.