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FLYEMPTYLEG.COM aims to be the primary website for the aviation charter market worldwide to allow the operators and brokers to list their empty leg flights where anyone can freely search for a flight and then interact directly with the registered operator or broker.

FLYEMPTYLEG.COM will strive to become the 1st choice for anyone in the world wanting to see what empty leg flight exists for their requirement. In addition, anyone can register for free flight alerts on flight routings specific to ones requirements using the embedded database of airports, heliports or lake bays. For now the service is FREE but this website will be sold to any interested person for their own use.

FLYEMPTYLEG.COM is the first website in the world that allows charter operators and brokers to lists their empty leg flights for both passenger or cargo flights using either jets or turbo prop aircraft as well as helicopters all on one website.

An empty leg flight is either the return flight after dropping passengers or cargo and then having to return empty to its base, or, having to fly empty to go and collect passengers or cargo. The position flight’s cost has already been factored into the original charter flight cost but now FLYEMPTYLEG.COM allows the charter operator or broker to promote and sell this empty leg flight to any person or company at reduced prices of up to 75% off the standard charter rate.

FLYEMPTYLEG.COM uses a worldwide database of over 47'000 locations consisting of airports, heliports and lake bays. More locations will be added as demand increases or when registered operators specify any location not yet listed on the database.

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